Thursday, September 18, 2014

Shut the Cup Up.

Yes. This is another blog/post/rant from a former pageant girl about Miss America and her cup. You knew it was coming, so... You're welcome. And just to make it official, here is the obligatory picture of the red solo know, in case you haven't seen enough of these in the past five days.

Friday, September 12, 2014


She was a strong black woman who worked hard to support her family and herself. She always put others first, even when it meant neglecting her own needs. She had two children- a son who thought she was the coolest mommy ever, and a daughter who thought she was Super Woman. Her children adored her.

And then there was him. He was a has-been, jobless moocher. He didn't deserve her, but he was really good with apologies, had an s-curl and used to get all the ladies back in the day when he was in a singing group, you know, before he ended up in rehab.
Her parents hated him. Even his friends told her that he was no good. He was worthless, but still managed to find women on the side who would give him the time of day, although she was giving him the world.